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  • Freehold NJ Movers licensed?
    Of course, our moving company has a license. New Jersey Moving License #: 39PM00095700
  • How do I contact Freehold NJ Movers?
    You can call us at one of the following numbers: 24/7: 888.880.2889 | New York: 646.662.8200 | New Jersey: 732.679.2900 or use our contact form
  • Do Freehold NJ Movers work on weekends and holidays?
    We understand that many people are planning on moving to the weekend, and for that reason we will be happy to assist you. Of course we are working on the weekends and holidays!
  • Is there anything that Freehold NJ Movers will not move?
    There are some items Movers do not transport such as jewelry, cash, hazardous materials, firearms because of existing rules and regulations. You can contact us directly before the moving day if you have any specific questions.

Freehold NJ Movers – why us

  • Quality of service
  • Always accurately and on time
  • Safety of furniture
  • We are highest professional

Freehold NJ Movers – you advantages

Our employees are well trained professionals whose aim is to make your move as stress free and smooth as possible. We have a crew chief on every truck and all our crews are courteous and efficient. Our goal is to be number one in service and satisfaction. So please give us a call so we can begin to serve you

Freehold NJ Movers - US Power Moving

Freehold NJ Movers – area of ​​work

We accommodate customers in New York, Marlboro, New Jersey, Manalapan, Old Bridge. We exceed your expectations of what you think a move consist of. Hassle-free assistance, outstanding customer service, and within budget is what we are giving our customers.

Freehold NJ Movers strives to provide the dedication and professionalism we help to alleviate some of the stresses associated with moving. We aim to make your experience as easy as 1-2-3 while still providing affordability and customer satisfaction. Our experts are dedicated to assisting you on every aspect of your move!

Freehold NJ Movers price

Freehold NJ Movers offers highly competitive rates for our services. With our flexible and affordable rates we stand out among our competitors and our customer satisfaction rates put us on top! This is why Freehold NJ Movers also offers a variety of moving processes including the usage of commercial flight—but we do it without losing our competitive edge!

Freehold NJ Movers – review

I was contacted by several movers wanting to give me quotes for an upcoming move. After talking to manager at Freehold NJ Movers, I decided to use them for my move. They did an excellent job. They packed up all my things and wrapped my furniture in blankets to help protect them and loaded the truck quickly and safely. The movers were hard working, honest, answered all of my questions and did an excellent job handling my move without any problems. I would definitely recommend them for your move.

Vernon about Freehold NJ Movers
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